Hi 👋 , my name is

Tomi Budi
I'm a Software Engineer

As a passionate JavaScript developer, I have a strong interest in building dynamic and engaging user interfaces using ReactJS. In my current role as a front-end engineer, I specialize in creating visually stunning designs that are not only easy on the eyes, but also built with the highest standards of code quality. I take great pride in ensuring that my work is thoroughly tested, to provide a seamless user experience.


About Me ⚡

Hello! My name is Tomi and I am someone who thrives on exploring new things. My motivation for delving into the world of web development began with a desire to make creating components with HTML and CSS an enjoyable experience. As it turns out, I became quite addicted to it! In addition to front-end work, I also have experience working on back-end projects.

Currently, I am employed at a large company where my main focus is developing new features and maintaining the platform using micro front-end architecture. In my free time, I enjoy working on personal projects and you can check them out on my resume.

Recently, I have been working on creating galaxy-labs, which is a React component library aimed at helping front-end developers work more efficiently. The project is still ongoing, and I am actively working on adding more beautiful and useful components.

Some of the technologies that I am currently proficient in include:

Javascript (ES6)










Where I've worked ⚡

  • Keller Williams
  • Virtual Spirit
  • Brighty
  • Gredu Asia
  • BTPN
  • AssetData
  • Isitup DotCom
  • NoLimit
  • Backup and Print
  • Rekeningku DotCom
  • Avoskinbeauty
  • Freelancer
  • PT UnitedTechnology
  • Tinep Indonesia

Frontend Engineer@kw.com

Apr 2019 - Mar 2024

Create awesome features and maintaining commandmc applet such as recruiting pipeline, recruit associates, report goals, find recruit, commandmc smart-plans etc..

Development under micro front-end architecture, also work on with modern technologies and tools, write code with a good performance quality, and sustainable code with unit test.

Communicate and collaborate with cross teams either engineers and designer to handle new project or refinement product.

Proficient in fostering a robust development culture throughout the software lifecycle, encompassing daily standup, grooming sessions, sprint planning, bi-weekly retrospectives, thorough code reviews, desk checks, and successful demonstration on demo days.

Proficient in identifying and resolving bugs as well as implementing new features within software applications. Skilled in conducting thorough analysis to diagnose issues, devising effective solutions, and seamlessly integrating new functionalities to enhance product performance and user experience.

Work with a variety of different languages, frameworks such as Javascript, Typescript, React, Nodejs, Express, Nextjs, Graphql, Jest, Testing-library. and also take care of implementation responsive design.


Some Things I've Built


Feature Project

CommandMC Applet

A web app develop under micro front-end architecture. the platform handling several features that are recruiting pipeline, find recruit, report goals, recruit associates, recruit management and many more.


Feature Project

Virtual Space

Developed a Chat Application (VirtualSpace): Designed and implemented real-time messaging features, ensuring seamless integration within the VirtualSpace platform. Created a UI Kit for VirtualSpace: Crafted intuitive user interfaces and optimized UI components for performance and consistency across the platform.


Feature Project

Asset Management

A web app maintaining asset management. create a new asset, reporting management, locations. inventory, user management, warranty, interactive dashboard analytics and etc..

Metronic Theme

Other Noteworthy Projects


UI Component created by react to simplify and easily development


Boilerplate nextjs

Built boilerplate to aims starter nextjs app to building web platform at gredu-asia



Mobile application built with flutter to shows list of trend movie, favorite movie and furthermore.


Get In Touch

I’m currently looking for any new opportunities, my inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I’ll try my best to get back to you!

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